Past Exhibit Examples

The Northeast Iowa STEM Hub has gathered various exhibit examples for the following business sectors:

Below are past examples of activities from various different sectors:






John Deere             

Participants measured the power needed to pull the machinery through wet sand.

Photo of John Deere exhibit.




Origin Design

Origin Design brought a hands-on activity for kids to be able to use Lego duplos to build a retaining wall and see if their design collapses / fails . This activity is designed to get kids thinking about designing. How high of a wall can they build? How can we backfill to give stability?

Photo of Origin Design exhibit.


Participants were challenged to build the tallest tower out of paper.

Photo of IMEG exhibit.

Girls Scouts

Participants worked together to build a straw building with the local girls scouts.

Photo of Girls Scouts Exhibit.

Girls Scouts

By using toothpicks and gum drops, participants created a model of a cube.

Participants worked with Girls Scouts to build structures.


ISG had participants build towers out of foam blocks. Structural stability was determined utilizing a fan to withstand a horizontal wind force.

Photo of ISG exhibit.

Collins Aerospace 

Participants were able to talk with volunteers about how different aerospace machines work and got the opportunity to test them out. They were also able to make cutout airplanes to take home.

Collins Aerospace picture



















































Upper Iowa University

Participants operated a GoPro camera and a Wacom tablet to test their graphic design skills.


Two little girls play with graphic design software on a Wacom.




Hawkeye Community College

Attendees got the opportunity to feel what it is like to be in the driver's seat behind some big machinery that would often be used on construction sites.

Boy simulates driving an excavator with a similulator.

Waterloo Career Center     

Participants got the opportunity to use drills and other tools to perform basic construction skills.

Little boys work with volunteer to screw nails into board.




East Penn        

By using Snap Circuits, East Penn had participants wire various items to replicate the flow of energy in a battery.

Photo of East Penn Exhibit.




Black Hawk County Conservation & Soil

East Black Hawk Co. Soil & Water Conservation brought a soil erosion rainfall simulator and an Enviroscape watershed model on display to teach students about the connection between stormwater, soil erosion, water quality, and what they can do to help protect water in our community.

Little boy works with conservationist to discuss about plants.




Community Bank of Oelwein      

Participants participated in a ring toss using pop bottles. Place on top of bottles were various coin amounts. Participants were asked to calculate the total. If correct, the participant won a prize.

Photo of Community Bank of Oelwein exhibit.




Iowa Public Television        

Participants replicated shapes using tangrams.

Participants are playing with tangrams.




Fayette Co. Sheriff Department

Fayette Co. Sheriff Dept. examined technology utilized by law enforcement.

County Sheriffs talking with participants.

Winneshiek Co. Sheriff Department

The kids were be able to watch K9 demonstrations and meet K9 "McCoy."  They were also be given a tour of the squad car and got to see the latest equipment and technology used in law enforcement.

County Sheriff shows his furry partner to the participants

Dubuque Police

Participants explored a Dubuque Police Department patrol vehicle.

Boy explores a police car.

Waterloo Fire & Rescue

Participants were able to test out their firefighter skills with rope rescue equipment and a demo called "HazMat ID Mass Spectrometer" with the Waterloo Fire and Rescue.

          Little boy works with firefighters to pull the rescue board.


Participants were involved in an investigation to find the missing mascot using chromatography.

UNI STEM students work with participants to find the missing panther.

Manchester Police Department

Participants got the opportunity to put on goggles to simulate the effects of impairment and attempt to do a set of tasks.

Girl wears drunk goggles to see the effects of alcohol.

Dubuque Police Department

Participants were able to test their speed with the Dubuque Police Department to track how fast they could run using a radar gun.

A boy is running as the police officer uses a radar gun to track his speed.




Viking Pump

Participants operated various pumps with Viking Pump. When the water reached the top, the column lit up. They also brought moving pump demos and examples of liquids that they pump.

Participants generated force to help pump the water to the top.

John Deere

Participants welded with a virtual reality tool.

Little boy uses virtual reality to replicate what it is like to weld.

Geater (GMM)

Participants measured the diameter of a circle utilizing different tools.

Little girl uses tools to measure the diameter of an opening.

John Deere

Participants measured the power needed to pull the machinery through wet sand.

Girl tests to see how much power it takes to pull the tractor through sand.

Fusion Products

Participants operated on the computers to test their knowledge of measuring by playing a ruler game with Fusion Products.

Students playing on a computer to learn about measuring.

Bodine Electric

Bodine Electric had participants build low voltage (5 volts) electric motors.

Participants building a motor with various different parts.

Engineering Services and Products

Engineering Services and Products had a demonstration on hydroponic growing, and an activity of building structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

Students learning about hydroponics and building structures.

Bayer Crop Science

Bayer Crop Science had various different activities for participants to interact with to demonstrate Bernoullia's Principle, including making vapor rings with trash can to show air flow.

Bayer shows children the different use of scientific law




Regional Health Services of Howard County      

Regional Health Services of Howard County used an Ipad and a 12 inch platform to show participants all the different part of the body that they used during their jump.

Little girl jumping while man is taping her.

NICC Nursing

Participants navigated various syringes by pulling water out of a bowl and measured the liquid in the syringe.

Female participant works with exhibitor to measure the amount of liquid in the syringe.


MercyOne operated a small ultrasound machine to view their arteries and veins.

Nurse is working with participants to show them about ultrasounds.

University of Iowa Medical

UI Health Care provided interactive medical activities. Activities included; laparoscopic surgery. Kids had the opportunity to try their hand at minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

U of I student works with participants and laparoscopic surgery tools.

Paramount Ambulances

Paramedic teaches participants about all the different medical equipment that is used during their job.

Paramedic is showing off all the tools they use.

Ideal Chiropractic

Children had the opportunity to create a spine out of noodles with Ideal Chiropractic.

Chiropractor shows participants the human spine.