Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is eligible?   PreK-12 educators, both in and out of the classroom, are eligible to apply, so long as they have undergone a criminal background check as a requirement of employment. Eligible applicant(s) include public and private school PreK-12 teachers, youth organization leaders, informal education professionals, home school associations and others who deliver STEM education programming. Every applicant must secure the commitment and signature of the institution’s lead administrator(s).


  • Can I apply for more than one STEM Scale-Up program?   Yes, educators may apply for more than one STEM Scale-Up program, but a new application is required for each program desire.


  • Is this a grant?  No, if an educator is chosen to receive a program the offering is considered an award.  The STEM Hub will enter into a agreement with the organization providing the program (referred to as the program provider) to provide the educator training and/or materials.


  • Is there a cost to the school/organization?   Some STEM Scale-Up programs require cost sharing, as noted in the one-page summary for each program.


  • Will funding for awards be available next year?  The legislator reviews the funding level annually.  STEM Scale-Up programs are also reviewed annually.


  • May I apply on the behalf of multiple organizations?  No. (For example, a school may apply for multiple teachers, but may NOT include educators outside of the school.)



  • Educator: is any school (public, private or home school association), a Boy/Girl Scout troop, a 4H Club, library, a childcare organization or any organization that works with youth—formally or informally. 

  • Scale-Up Programs: programs must be “scaleable” to any community in Iowa, regardless of that community's resources or size. A Scale-Up STEM program must be well established programming that can be sustained beyond initial Advisory Council investment. A STEM Scale-Up program must be able to adapt to rapid and exponential growth of an organization’s programming and administrative operations. Providers are expected to have the staffing and capacity necessary to expand their operations from a small number of sites to statewide coverage. 

  • Program Provider: (selected through this Scale-Up Program proposal process) is an independent contractor who agrees to provide related Scale-Up programming and services to the awarded educators as part of the Iowa STEM Scale-Up initiative. Programming may include, but not be limited to, curricula, teacher professional development, kits, materials, equipment, mentor systems, on-line resources and/or educational technology.